Answer: It is very unlikely that your pregnancies have had anything to do with the HCL. Because HCL is much less common in women than men, and also in anyone under 40 years of age, there is not a lot of information regarding pregnancy in HCL patients. We are actually trying to collect this information through the HCL Consortium.

It is generally believed that in most patients (particularly of young age) that the disease will return (usually after many years) and need further treatment, will be successful again in achieving a good and prolonged remission. Since you have been carefully observed by your physician, the relapse will likely have been picked up at an earlier stage than may have been the case when you were first diagnosed. We usually find that patients are well and with less reduction in normal blood counts than at first treatment. This means that treatment is often better tolerated and less complicated, but does NOT mean that it isn’t working as well. We would expect that you will achieve a good remission this time.

In addition, subcutaneous injections usually have fewer side effects and is easier for patients to tolerate than IV (a drip). However, you have only just recently received the treatment, so your normal blood counts may fall over the next few weeks and there is a higher risk of infections until your counts have recovered.

Posted July 2013 in the category: Pregnancy