Seminars for Patients with Hairy Cell Leukemia

A diagnosis of hairy cell leukemia, as with other rare diseases, can be lonely. The patient’s doctor, family members and friends may have had little if any exposure to this type of cancer. The patient may feel isolated.

Since 2013, our annual Patient Seminar has brought together patients from around the world to learn from leading researchers and doctors, and to connect with other people affected by HCL.

The Seminar includes presentations, panels and discussions led by members of our community and expert network. This annual meeting has become an effective way for patients to strengthen their understanding of hairy cell leukemia and build community connections that ease feelings of loneliness and isolation.

We will announce details of our 2019 Patient Seminar soon.

To explore presentations and audio recordings of past seminars, visit:

2018 Patient Seminar - New York, NY, USA

2017 Patient Seminar – Columbus, OH, USA

2016 Patient Seminar - Heidelberg, Germany (materials unavailable)

2015 Patient Seminar – Chicago, IL, USA

2014 Patient Seminar – London, England

2014 Patient Seminar – Houston, TX, USA

2013 Patient Seminar – New York, NY, USA