what is hairy cell leukemia?

Here you will find evidence-based information about symptoms, complications, variant hairy cell leukemia, and standard and new treatment for hairy cell leukemia. Learn what to expect if you are newly diagnosed, have relapsed or are in remission.

information and Support for patients with hairy cell leukemia

We provide education and support for patients and families around the world. We respond to patient questions and make referrals to hairy cell leukemia experts and clinical trials. We provide educational webinars and forums for patients to learn about hairy cell leukemia treatment and research.

hairy cell leukemia experts

We have developed a network of Centers of Excellence for hairy cell leukemia where healthcare professionals are working to advance understanding and improve treatment of hairy cell leukemia. We encourage patients with hairy cell leukemia to seek treatment for hairy cell leukemia at these centers, and we frequently turn to these hairy cell leukemia experts for assistance with questions and to support patients.

hcl patient data registry

We have developed a comprehensive hairy cell leukemia patient data registry to help researchers identify new trends in patient outcomes, discover previously unknown complications of the disease and design clinical trials for new HCL treatment. We need as many patients as possible to participate to maximize the registry’s impact.


innovation in hcl research

Researchers in our grant programs have advanced understanding, helping physicians better diagnose and treat patients with hairy cell leukemia. We are also developing early career researchers to sustain research in future generations.

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Together, we are making a difference in hairy cell leukemia.

The Hairy Cell Leukemia Foundation is the only 501c3 organization with a global reach dedicated solely to hairy cell leukemia.

Our mission is to improve outcomes for patients through high-caliber research in hairy cell leukemia, by advancing knowledge about HCL among oncologists and hematologists, and by providing educational resources, comfort and support to patients and families. We fund the most promising research and invest in early career researchers to support professional development and expand scientific and medical advances in hairy cell leukemia. We also promote collaboration and cooperation across an international network of institutions and convene researchers and healthcare professionals to improve understanding and treatment of this disease. We provide a range of educational initiatives and resources for patients and families around the world.

There is more to be done. Your contribution will help us continue our quest to find a cure for hairy cell leukemia.