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I have previously been in contact with Eugene Farrell who was kind enough to mail me helpful information about hairy cell leukemia.

Thanks to the drug Cladribine, my oncologist and my many supportive relatives and friends I am presently in remission and my wife and I can go on with our lives with optimism and happiness.

This was my third episode with chemotherapy, the first in 1992 was with Pentostaten that was successful in providing remission for eight years. In 2001 I was given Cladribine (24/7) and was in remission for almost three years. This time the treatment was for six weeks.

I am feeling fantastic and plan to drive cross country with my wife to see our daughter in San Diego in October.

I am a 71 year old retired pharmacist and have been very active during my retirement.

If I can be of any help and encourage others please notify me. My E-Mail address isĀ

Thank you for the fine support you are providing for us with hairy cell leukemia.

Leonard Ressel